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Times are great for used-car shoppers. It used to be that when people thought about buying secondhand vehicles, they'd only think of potential disadvantages. But that line of reasoning is out of date, especially in the case of used Hondas. With this deservedly well-reputed brand, the reliability lasts and lasts. Great build quality and across-the-board dependability are the reasons you still see so many older Honda SUVs on the road today.

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Used Vehicles Save You Money

Most buyers who are browsing the preowned lots are motivated by the cost savings. You can save thousands of dollars over the cost of a new SUV while still heading home in a high-quality vehicle with many years of life left to it. Buying secondhand even gives you the opportunity to choose something that's fully loaded with options that you may not be able to afford new.

The depreciation factor is something else to think about. When new vehicles are driven off the lot, they instantly lose some of their value. But used vehicles have already gone through that rapid depreciation, and their value will go down much more slowly, especially if you keep taking care of them. In fact, Hondas are known for their exceptional tendency to hold resale value, meaning that you can get a good price down the road if you decide to sell yours.

You won't just save money at the time of purchase, either. Since used Honda SUVs have lower valuation, that means you'll also have lower insurance rates and property taxes (if applicable). It may also be easier to qualify for financing since the amount being financed is less than the cost of a new car.


More to Choose From

Another benefit of going with a used Honda SUV is the wide variety, since you're looking across a span of a few model years and not just the current one. If you love the latest CR-V, why not see how much you can save buying a 2017 model instead? Saw a well-maintained 2014 Pilot that you can't get out of your mind? If we don't have one on our lot right now, we'll find one for you.

If you still have concerns about purchasing a used Honda SUV or simply want the best of the best, you should look into Honda's Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. These are all low-mileage vehicles with clean history reports. They need to undergo a 182-point inspection to qualify as Certified Pre-Owned, after which those standout vehicles will be reconditioned by our factory-trained Honda service technicians so that they're in the best possible shape before the sticker gets put on. Every one of these CPO Hondas is protected by a 7-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty from the original in-service date. Your vehicle will also qualify for the Honda True Certified or True Certified Plus, depending on the year and mileage, which extends the original warranty for added peace of mind. The CPO program blends the benefits of buying a new car with the benefits of buying a quality used car.


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