Some people hesitate to look across state lines when they're in the market for a new car. Even in New England, where the states are small and you might live close to the border of multiple states, there are some misconceptions about making a large purchase outside of your home territory. Many folks think it's a hassle that involves extra steps or complex paperwork, or that they'll get burned paying double sales tax, but those are just myths. Let's talk a bit more about just how easy it is to purchase a car in a state you don't call home.


Sales Tax

New Hampshire residents love their freedom from sales tax, and the good news is that it applies even when you buy a car in another state: there's no sales tax due for those who live in the Granite State, no matter where they buy their vehicle. This debunks the somewhat common belief that a person buying a car in a state they don't live in will have to pay sales tax to both states. But this freedom from tax is only for those who live in New Hampshire; it doesn't extend to other states. If you live in Massachusetts or Maine and buy your car in New Hampshire, you must pay sales tax to your state of residence when you register the car. Of course, those are the same taxes you would pay if you bought a car in your home state. Quite simply, that means there's no advantage to buying where you reside, and no disadvantage to buying where you don't reside.


Leave the Paperwork to the Experts

If there's any more paperwork involved when you buy a car out of state, you'd never have to know about it. That's because the staff at AutoFair Honda in Manchester takes care of everything for you to make your vehicle purchase a smooth and simple transaction. We'll also put a temporary registration on the vehicle that you'll need until you can get it registered in your home state. Although it's good to complete your registration as soon as possible and get those permanent license plates onto your car, check with your local department (or registry) of motor vehicles to see how many days' grace period you're allowed.

We hope that this information has settled any uncertainties you may have had about buying a car across state lines. Should you have any questions, just give us a call at 866-417-2431, and one of our helpful sales staff members will be delighted to speak with you.

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