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For decades, we have talked about domestic cars versus foreign cars, which in the past meant cars built in the United States by U.S. manufacturers, such as Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors (Chevrolet and GMC), versus cars built overseas by foreign manufacturers and imported here to be sold. Years ago - say, in the 1970s - those lines were clear, and so were most people's preferences. For many American car shoppers, the most important thing was to "buy American," and thereby support your homeland and its hardworking people. But as petroleum supplies dropped (and gasoline prices rose), more and more drivers looked to the more fuel-efficient cars that were chiefly made in Japan. Sales of these compact "gas sippers" boomed through the 1980s, leading their manufacturers to start thinking about building the cars where they were selling them: on U.S. soil.


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Times Have Changed

These days, foreign is not so foreign anymore. Honda stands tall when it comes to the number of vehicles currently being built in America. Just as importantly, it also represents the longest-running continuous U.S. operation of all international auto manufacturers.

In 2018, the list of the top ten vehicles built in the United States included three Honda models (and one Acura model). Among the other six badges in this top ten were, as expected, Ford (three models) and Chevrolet (two models), as well as Jeep - which is a division of Fiat Chrysler, making it technically European-owned. The three largest Honda models - the Pilot, Odyssey, and Ridgeline - are the ones that made this list; they were all built in Lincoln, Alabama, on the same platform. Now that the Passport model name has been resurrected for 2019, its production is also happening in Lincoln.

Honda Brings Jobs to Americans

Honda contributes greatly to the American economy, with busy assembly plants in Marysville and East Liberty, Ohio; Lincoln, Alabama; and Greensburg, Indiana. There is a Honda engine plant in Anna, Ohio, and a Honda transmission plant in Russells Point, Ohio. Tallapoosa, Georgia, is home to a Honda Precision Parts manufacturing facility.

Since Hondas have been increasingly popular in the U.S., starting with the gasoline shortage of the 1970s, the company has made a fine commitment to the "build where you sell" philosophy. (The Marysville plant, for instance, opened in 1982.) With no need to transport cars overseas via large ships, resources are saved while gainful employment is created - not insignificantly in areas of the country that needed a boost in job opportunities. In 2018, Honda employed more than 31,000 people in America, with a combined payroll of $2.5 billion. This is in addition to the more than 600 original equipment manufacturing (OEM) suppliers that Honda contracts with, which supply many thousands more jobs for U.S. people.

Was My Honda Built in America?

If you have a Honda vehicle and want to know where it was built, just look at your vehicle identification number (VIN). The eleventh character indicates where that particular Honda was assembled: A for Marysville (Accord), B for Lincoln (Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline), E for Greensburg (Civic, CR-V, and Insight), and L for East Liberty (CR-V). The Fit and HR-V are assembled in Mexico.

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